Branch and Blade Brewing


The story of Branch and Blade doesn’t start at a bar or a brewery, but rather on a rugby pitch. Trevor had just graduated college and wanted to stay involved with the sport, so he stuck around his Alma Mater and coached rugby. Jesse, a transfer student, was one of Trevor’s first players. As any sport will do, rugby created a bond of friendship between Jesse and Trevor that lasts to this day.

In 2017, Jesse decided to move to Keene, NH, a short drive from Trevor’s hometown of Hinsdale. As friends and roommates, they found themselves constantly bonding over their shared love for beer. Not the beer your parents drink, though – they were fascinated with the newest beer from the newest breweries; sampling sometimes too many to figure out which styles they liked best.

Fast forward almost a year and the opportunity to open a brewery almost fell into their lap. Founded in January 2018, Branch and Blade was created by two homebrewers with a serious passion for the highest quality beer. Growing up in New England spoiled them with some of the most creative beers and breweries in the world. They wanted to give back to the world of craft beer by starting their own brewery that would continually offer new and innovative beers.

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