Baxter Brewing Co.

Lewiston, ME | WEBSITE

Whether it’s cotton tarps or beer taps, we believe hard work starts when the sun rises and doesn’t stop until the job’s done. That’s why, in 2010, we opened Baxter Brewing Co. in the iconic Lewiston Bates Mill. From the weavers and millwrights that once occupied the mill to the modern-day brewer you’ll meet when you pull up a stool, we all share the common traits of grit, determination and passion.

For us, that meant becoming the first brewery in New England to can all its beer. Why? Because it’s sustainable, it tastes better, and because it doesn’t require an opener. (We still prefer to work with our hands.) You see, there are some things Mainers just know to be true, like the importance of having a beer for every season. Sure, sometimes that means four different beers in a day, but we’re not here to judge. So, if you’re not sure if it’s shorts weather or jacket weather, you’ll know it’s Baxter weather regardless.

We’d like to share this mentality with you, preferably over a cold Stowaway. Because no matter if you’re from Maine, or you’re “from away”, when you’re holding a Baxter, you’re one of us.

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